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GPS Tracking Systems are the much-discussed topic for businesses that rely on drivers and vehicles. But just what is GPS, and what tangible benefits can it provide?  This is a question we get asked very often and also our way of explaining why it matters, and the key things to look for when evaluating a solution....
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Tracking System
When GPS Tracking is mentioned to business owners, a question that is always asked is how do I tell my staff, what will they think?   Experience has shown that good employees have no problem with gps tracking, in fact they welcome it! This sets them apart from their less productive co-workers. Any employee that resists...
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Vehicle Tracking
Unfortunately, the economic recession caused many businesses to close their doors as the demand for transport services diminished. Going through this the transport service companies had to lower rates just to compete. Lowering rates has its own hurdles which you need to overcome. Lowering costs and improving efficiencies. The first step to reaching this goal...
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