About Us

Our Story

Our Great Story

Galaxseek has over 20 years of combined experience in the GPS tracking industry, designing and customising all aspects of a reliable GPS tracking system.

This experience combined with a professional team of engineers and developers worldwide, allows the organisation to deliver reliable products and services to not only fulfil, but exceed customer’s expectations.

The company prides itself on excellent service, quality products, flexible hardware design and customer satisfaction.


Our Objective

Our main objective is to get a loyal and satisfied customer base allowing us to expand based on excellence. To achieve this, it will take time and effort but we look forward to meeting every challenge. At Galaxseek, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are always improving to keep the client satisfied.

With our unique and simple platform, we have been able to integrate a large number of GPS modules into our system, even if the module has already been installed. We continue to develop our systems in-house to continually provide an up-to-date package tailored to our client’s needs.

Why use Galaxseek?

Different businesses have different needs. While GPS tracking is being used for a number of reasons, most small businesses benefit from GPS tracking for what matters most: improving their bottom line! Let us help!

Super Powerful Admin Panel

The Galaxseek Interface can be re-branded and customised to any requirement with ease. Upload any logo, change colour schemes, customise pushpins and add captions as you choose from the easy to use Admin console.


The System architecture is designed for best Performance with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari Browsers with the main focus being the User Experience and Speed.


Dedicated Support Team

At GalaXseek our goal is to be Class Leaders through Customer Satisfaction. To ensure that we are meeting this goal, we have taken all the necessary steps required to insure that we are ALWAYS here to serve our customers. With GalaXseek every customer is treated individually to insure that we maintain our goal through excellent service, quality products, flexible hardware design and satisfied customers. Exceptional Customer Service is essential not only to sustain our business, but more importantly to help you grow yours with peace of mind.