See the results of a business that recently started using our GPS Tracking Platform.

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GPS Tracking Systems are the much-discussed topic for businesses that rely on drivers and vehicles. But just what is GPS, and what tangible benefits can it provide?  This is a question we get asked very often and also our way of explaining why it matters, and the key things to look for when evaluating a solution.

The 3 most common problems that GPS tracking solves are Driver Accountability, High Transportation Costs and Meeting customer Expectations. But our customer already knew this and hence had a solution implemented.

Having a partial solution in place already showed results, but after spending 15 minutes with them at our Free demo, we quickly realised that they were not using a large portion of what their tracking provider was offering. Why? The solution that they had was not tailor made to assist their business therefore a lot of the features were ignored and simply useless.

Offering a Free trial of our system, the customer soon realised how effective a tailor made solution is for their business. Saving time with automated features is a big benefit for this business in particular. Easy to say the customer was impressed and now does a lot more business with less trucks and less time trying to find their way around a universal solution.


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