GPS Tracking – What do I tell my employees? Will they call me Big Brother?

When GPS Tracking is mentioned to business owners, a question that is always asked is how do I tell my staff, what will they think?


101730087Experience has shown that good employees have no problem with gps tracking, in fact they welcome it! This sets them apart from their less productive co-workers. Any employee that resists GPS tracking is more than likely an employee that may have something to hide.

Introducing the Vehicle GPS Tracking System works in the first place will gain your employees trust. Being honest about the uses of it in your business is fundamental to the way in which they will accept it. Use things such as knowing the route taken for a particular location, time spent on site and vehicle speed as great measurement techniques for improving efficiency.

Employees can easily avoid those customer disputes. If a customer claims they never showed up, didn’t spend enough time there, or were too early or too late. This will give you great visibility for accurate billing and another happy customer.

At the end of the day, these customers are the ones that pay your employees wage.

Although it is tempting to install the units before informing your employees, you will gain more credibility for bringing it up with them prior to the install. Once the employees know about and understand the system from the start you will start seeing increased efficiency. This approach will also build trust with your employees.

Embrace questions and be open to incentives. Hearing what they think will give you great insight into the team you have working for you.

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