GPS Tracking to overcome the economic recession


Unfortunately, the economic recession caused many businesses to close their doors as the demand for transport services diminished. Going through this the transport service companies had to lower rates just to compete.

Lowering rates has its own hurdles which you need to overcome. Lowering costs and improving efficiencies. The first step to reaching this goal is being able to save on the high fuel costs and reducing overtime.

After installing the Galaxseek GPS Tracking System route planning and optimising is a lot simpler. Forget about the wave out of the window as one of your drivers passes another going in the opposite direction. Fuel consumption is lowered and the daily tasks are done in a shorter amount of time – reducing that overtime bill.

Improving efficiency comes as a bonus. These benefits are visible in the first week of using Galaxseek GPS Tracking.

Reduce Idling times by the integrated reporting features.

Improve customer service through faster deliveries.

Lower wear and tear on vehicles through lower kms traveled.

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