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A survey found that businesses experienced a 23 percent increase in the total number of service calls completed per day per technician once GPS vehicle tracking is installed in their fleet. If your company utilizes vehicles as a daily part of doing business, let GalaXseek show you the tangible benefits from using our Car GPS tracking platform in Perth.


Labour and fuel Cost savings

Reduce fuel costs: Optimising vehicles routes and knowing where the vehicle is at all time will help you save an enormous amount of fuel every year. 
Slash Labour Cost: Knowing where your staff is at all time gives you the peace of mind that they are not running unrelated errands during time you are paying for.

Invoice with peace of mind

With this GPS tracking solution, you know where your staff is any time all the time. If a client calls to challenge time spent on site, you will be able to send them a report of actual time on site and therefore invoice for the correct amount. Keeping transparency with your customers has never been easier.

Perth owned and operated

There are tracking solutions out there but very few are owned and operated right here in Perth. Time differences and distance makes it very hard to get in touch during your working hours. We are right here 30 minutes away from you. This gives you reassurance that we are always only a phone call away.

Increase Productivity and improve Transparency

 Better Dispatching and Routing 

Lowering fuel consumption and reducing wear and tear on vehicles through efficient routing is an obvious benefit. But less time spent on the road also means more time spent completing jobs during the day. With GPS tracking, dispatchers know the exact location of every vehicle in a fleet. This helps them to direct the closest vehicle to any job site.

 Automate Timesheets 

The Galaxseek GPS tracking solution has an automated reporting feature that will email you on a daily basis with the exact Working time, Travel time, Stopped time and Kilometres travelled. This provides an accurate, automated record of how long an employee worked. In addition, you know exactly how long your employee spent at a customer site.

Monitor Inefficient Employees

Using the Galaxseek GPS tracking solution you know the location of every vehicle, business owners can also immediately determine if a driver deviates from a direct route to a job site. This eliminates the practice of employees using work hours to complete personal business. In essence, GPS gives fleet owners the ability to ride along with their drivers. Under direct supervision, employees perform their duties faster and at a higher level. 


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